Food That Causes Bad Breath.

Food That Causes Bad Breath.

Bad breath or halitosis is caused due to many factors including dental and also one of which is food.

Food That Causes Bad Breath -

There are various Food That Causes Bad Breath such as

  • Onions
  • Garlic

The reason behind the bad breath is:
The actual reason is the presence of sulfur compounds called mercaptans.

The 2 commonly found are:

  • Hydrogen sulfide which comes from rotten eggs.
  • The other one is Methyl mercaptan which produces a smell of skunk oil.

Coming to dental factors of causing bad breath or halitosis are:

1. Improper brushing.

2. Avoiding the use of mouthwashes.

3. Avoiding dental floss.

4. The main reason is avoiding dental check-up with your dentist.

The reason behind bad breath is caused by the bacteria stuck to your teeth after having food and not brushing or using mouth wash.
The bacteria feed on that stuck foods producing acids which in turn destroys your gums and in the next level the bone as well.

The stages are:

  • Gingivitis.
  • Periodontitis
  • Severe periodontitis.


It is a stage where the gums are inflamed giving an impression of sore gums.
Next step in gingivitis is swollen and painful gums.
After which it leads to bleeding gums.


The infection when starts attacking your bone is periodontitis it is the next step of gingivitis.
In this stage, you will see the spacing between your teeth and severe halitosis also called bad breath.

Severe periodontitis:

In this stage, the bone is severely damaged to an extent that the teeth start to move.
This is a non-correctable stage in this stage removal of a tooth is the only option.
It is advisable to maintain your oral hygiene and get a regular dental check-up.

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