Having gum problems can be a little painful. And when we say painful, we mean having to deal with excruciating pain all day all night every day. You must be dealing with it now, obviously, that’s why you are here, aren’t you? Or maybe you have a loved one who is facing this problem and you cannot bear to see them having that kind of pain. The smile wavers. And our smile is one of the most precious ornaments, giving us another reason not to lose it, ever. So, what can we do about it. To cure any disease one of the many important tasks is to know about it. To understand the causes of it. Only then will you be able to understand the changes that are taking place inside your mouth.

You must’ve heard of the saying- ‘precaution is better than cure.’ Well, You are not completely helpless. Not when you have us. Aesthetica is among the best dental clinics in east India. Now, before you go there, you need to understand what causes gum diseases and to prevent them. We are here to tell you all about it.

First, let us define what gum disease is.

To put it simply, A gum disease is something that can infect your gum severely and can destroy your jaw bone. It is medically called periodontal disease or periodontitis. It happens because of bacterial growth inside your mouth. That, of course, happens when people lack in keeping their mouths as clean as it should be. This needs to be treated because if not, it can result in the loss of a tooth due to the destruction of the tissues surrounding your teeth.

Well, there is something else that precedes periodontitis. And that something is Gingivitis. It refers to the inflammation of gums. Not always does Gingivitis progress to Periodontitis.

So, what happens in Gingivitis?

It starts with the bacteria building up in plaque. Have you ever had your gums bleeding while brushing your teeth? Well, that happens because this bacteria in plaque results in the inflammation of gums and thus, they bleed when the brushes of our toothbrush touch them. You need not worry at this stage because even though the gums are irritated, the teeth remain static at their place. No tissue damage has been done yet.

But don’t get so casual with it. Every time you see blood while brushing, visit a dentist. Because if you don’t get it treated at a time, it might lead to periodontitis.

What happens in periodontitis?

Okay, this is going to be a nightmare, so be prepared. If you have periodontitis, the gum starts to pull away from the teeth, thus, creating gaps/pockets between them. I think you can imagine what will happen when there is a gap between your teeth and gums. The gap gets filled with germs, and these germs start to infect our mouth. To fight this infection, our body’s immune system tries to control it. But it’s not enough. The plaque starts to grow below the gum line. I told you, a nightmare. Wait wait, there’s more coming. The toxins are already destroying your tissues but the enzymes which were fighting for us also, unintentionally though, help in breaking down our bones which were holding our teeth. If you still don’t get treated, the gap will increase further leading to more infection and loosening of teeth. The teeth start to come out of their sockets and finally fall down.

We hope we did not overwhelm you. But yes, after reading this we’re pretty sure that you’ll visit a dentist as soon as you get time. Now that you know about all this let’s find out what causes gum diseases.

Causes of Gum diseases-

There are many factors that result in gum diseases but plaque remains at the top. The other factors which may or may not be in your direct control are:

  1. Illness- People with illness, especially those who have diabetes are prone to gum diseases. This is due to the weakening of the immune system. Other illnesses may include cancer, HIV, etc. So, people with these illnesses, watch out!
  2. Bad Habits- Smoking is one such example of it. Well, this is under your direct control, isn’t it? And as we said earlier, precaution is better than cure.
  3. Family history- If someone in your family had such a disease, you might be more prone to get it.
  4. Hormonal Changes-  When children are getting into their adolescent age and their hormones are changing, it’s at this time when they can get this disease. So, having good dental habits is a way to go.
  5. Poor dental habits- having good dental habits can cancel out almost all of the above cases. If you do not have the idea of good dental habits, reach out to your nearest dentist.

So, these are the few causes of gum diseases. And now that you know why not try your best to keep these diseases away. But if you are already facing the symptoms of the above-mentioned diseases we would suggest you visit the best dentist around you before you lose any of your teeth. Aesthetica is among the best dental clinics in east India and has three branches, two in Kolkata and one in Shillong. The facilities provided by us is incomparable. Once you get there, you can say goodbye to that excruciating pain you’ve been having for weeks. To get more information about us you can visit their website- http://aesthetica.co.in/ .

So, now that you have a general idea of gum diseases, get it cured. Now!