What is endodontics in dentistry?

What is endodontics in dentistry?

There are several areas related to dentistry which often tend to confuse, so let us try to understand one such aspect of dentistry. So, let us try and understand what is endodontics in dentistry? Endodontics is a specialized branch of dentistry which deals with the teeth pulp. Teeth pulp is basically the soft inner tissue of the teeth. In fact, the word in itself comes from the Greek words of endo meaning 'inside' and odont meaning 'tooth'. Thus the word quite literally means the area of dentistry dealing with the inside of the teeth.

What all procedures come under the umbrella of endodontics:
In order to understand what is endodontics, let us first know which all procedures constitute this branch of dentistry.

Some of the common endodontic procedures in dentistry are :

  1. Root Canal Treatment - One of the main treatment areas under Endodontics is the root canal treatment. Yes, the much-feared and much-loathed root canal treatment also comes under this particular specialization. The root canal treatment involves the cleaning of the root canals underlying the infected pulp of the teeth. For this, the process that is followed is that the infected pulp is removed and the underlying root canals are cleaned. This process of ‘cleaning’ includes removing the affected area of the tooth, disinfecting the root canal and finally, filling it up with a coating of some inert filling and sealing up the tooth.
  2. Root end surgery - Apicoectomy is also a part of what constitutes endodontics. In this procedure, the dentist cuts the gum and reaches the end or root of the tooth. It is this place where inflammation occurs which causes tremendous pain and discomfort. The procedure removes the root of the tooth and creates a sort of cavity connecting the root canal. This cavity is then filled up with a suitable bio-compatible filling.
  3. Pulpotomy - Similar to the other two procedures, Pulpotomy too deals with the inner soft tissue of the teeth (known as the pulp, as mentioned earlier). This procedure deals with the removal of a part of the pulp which has gotten inflamed or infected.

Why do we need endodontics :

The applications of endodontics are far-reaching in the field of dentistry. For most people, oral hygiene is a cause of grave concern and in that respect, endodontists are invaluable. They are the ones who have to deal with the critical and sensitive soft tissues of our teeth. They keep our oral health in check through a host of complicated and delicate surgical procedures requiring patience and precision. There is very little room for error and thus the work of the endodontist becomes even more critical.
With the development of technology, the field of endodontics has been enhanced. Today, endodontists employ modern, state-of-the-art technologies and tools to supplement their skills.

Therefore a strong companionship between the skill of the endodontist and the technology he is using has become the need of the hour.
Dental health issues are more than often vigorously painful and can leave the patients in severe stress. This is particularly true for issues with the inner tissues of the teeth, where even the slightest inflammation causes excruciating pain in the patient. Endodontists can relieve the patient from such painful experiences as also ensure that their dental health is not impacted in any way.

In conclusion, endodontics is a crucial part of oral/dental health-care and having a clear and concise idea about the exact process is beneficial. Experts in endodontics are valued assets for people suffering from any dental issues and they can help such people to get relieved of their pain.
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